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December MATCH Month!

Help us reach our $10k goal by the end of the year!

$15,605 raised

$10,000 goal

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A generous donor has offered a $10,000 matching gift to our donors, kicking off this Giving Tuesday, December 1st through December 31st. Help us capitalize on this incredible opportunity by making your gift to our Annual Fund Campaign today!

We hope you had a chance to tune into Healdsburg Education Week and watch all the educational videos we created for you. If you did, you were able to hear first hand about the necessity of having a strong education foundation to support our local public schools in such an atmosphere of uncertainty and change. We also learned about the above-and-beyond work that our Healdsburg School District has been doing to provide comprehensive services to our students and their families during COVID. If you missed any of this content, you can visit our YouTube Channel at anytime to watch anything you missed!

The goal of HEF is to help support not only tangible needs for the district, like Chromebooks and WiFi hotspots, but also the vital roles of those who are shifting and adapting to help to bridge the gap between our schools and our families. Individuals like our Parent Outreach & Engagement Coordinators and Mental Health Staff, who are consistently checking in to ensure the basic needs of our students are being met so that they're able to engage in their education fully.

This year, HEF will continue to fundraise to build our organizational capacity, and focus on contributing to HUSD's short and long term needs in regard to College & Career Readiness, Climate & Culture Initiatives and COVID Capital Needs.

Your gift supports our schools rise to the occasion to meet the incredible needs of this moment, and ensure that the path we chart forward is one with expanded equity and opportunity for all of our Healdsburg students.

THANK YOU for your dedication to education.