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Help support our Healdsburg public schools

Together, we can prepare for our students' safe return to school

$15,605 raised

$60,000 goal

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Back to normal?

We're all eager to return to "normal," to having our kids back in school, but the truth is there will be no return to normal, even when that day arrives. We still have to take things day by day as a community and as a country to ensure the safety of all, and when we do return, there will be many new needs: some predicted and some unforeseen.

The goal of HEF is to help support not only tangible needs for the district, like Chromebooks and WiFi hotspots, but also the vital roles of those who are shifting and adapting to help to bridge the gap between our schools and our families. Individuals like our Parent Outreach & Engagement Coordinators and Mental Health Staff, who are consistently checking in to ensure the basic needs of our students are being met so that they're able to engage in their education fully.

This year, HEF is continuing to fundraise to build our organizational capacity and focus on contributing to HUSD's short and long term needs in regard to College & Career Readiness, Climate & Culture Initiatives, and COVID Capital Needs.

Your gift supports our schools' ability to rise to the occasion to meet the incredible needs of this moment, and ensure that the path we chart forward is one with expanded equity and opportunity for all of our Healdsburg students.

THANK YOU for your dedication to education!